Contrasts 27. On the way to Woodstock

Lyudkevych Concert Hall

05.10.2021 / 19:00

Lyudkevych Concert Hall


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Making the program of this event, I decided to declare a manifest. This quasi-manifestation is illustrated by the answers to the rhetoric questions below.


Is it possible for contemporary music to be romantic, sensitive, melodic and national at the same time having innovative and modern ideas?

The answer is yes.

Is it possible for contemporary music to have an animal appeal, the energy of rock music, while remaining intellectual, keeping attention to all gradations of sound and its absence, and using the whole arsenal of the latest modern techniques?


Is it possible to perform a festival concert of contemporary music in a colourful variety of existing trends?

My answer is still yes! The more interesting to create such a program, the more unexpected was to find these pieces different. And now performers’ task is to show the ability to work in different manners. Okay, you got it — Revutsky String Quartet chooses this symbolic «way to Woodstock».

Zoltan Almashi



Revutsky String Quartet (UA)

  • Mariana Skrypa, violin 1
  • Edward Skrypa, violin 2
  • Andriy Tuchapets, viola
  • Zoltan Almashi, cello



  • Zoltan Almashi (*1975, UA). «Carpathian Song» (2020)
  • Thomas Jennefelt (*1954, SE). «Music for string quartet» (2020)
  • Lubawa Sydorenko (*1979, UA). «Quartet» (2006)
  • Bohdan Sehin (*1976, UA). «Talos» (2014)
  • Marcel Chyrzyński (*1971, PL). «Reflection No. 1» (2003)
  • Serhiy Pilutykov (*1965, UA). «Way to the Woodstock» (2020)


With the support of ZAiKS and Pro Musica Viva Foundation