Per aspera ad astra

Lyudkevych Concert Hall

19.06.2021 / 18:00

Lyudkevych Concert Hall

150 - 390 - 450


New times offer people more and more new challenges. Thus there is a kind of transformation of ideas about what was considered inviolable and holistic. This is probably one of those years that gave a different color to reality. The year is a test of strength, in particular, for the INSO-Lviv orchestra. The year of new opportunities, which allowed us to take a new step, change and open an inexhaustible internal resource – to create despite any internal and external obstacles and find the only path of harmony and cooperation that leads out of the maze. Symbolic is the music, which will sound as if in unison with the path of the orchestra – music by two composers, Igor Stravinsky and Fedor Yakymenko – destinies that have brightly crossed. Fedor Yakymenko was one of the teachers of the genius Stravinsky.

For Stravinsky, music is the absolute. He longs for the listener to love music regardless and not hope to find in it such feelings as joy, sorrow, sadness, or images of nature, or fiction, not to listen to it, to forget the “prose of life”. He said that one should learn to love music for its own sake, to listen to it differently, then the pleasure will be more sublime and complete, then the listener will be able to judge it in a different way and really understand the deep essence of this art. The name of Fyodor Yakymenko and his music seem to come from deep oblivion, but it does not diminish the importance of this figure – the composer and pianist of the first half of the XX century. He is one of the few who is said to be a “singer of twilight moods, starry skies, daydreams and dreams”, “a musical astrologer, he captures the trembling and charm of mystical forces in their radiance of play and intersection”, “independent, agile, fantastic and new as … Debussy “,” music is not of this world “,” Impressionist musician “.

It is an evening of non-random intersections, a meeting of complementary components that embody a new path, a new harmony, because it possible to achieve prosperity only in this way. Difficulties are the fuel for growth, according to Kyrylo Karabyts, one of the brightest representatives of the young generation of conductors in Ukraine (Chief Conductor of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (Great Britain and conductor of the National Opera of Ukraine)), who will conduct the concert.



Igor Stravinsky Violin Concerto in D Major

Igor Stravinsky Suite from the ballet “Firebird”

Fedor Yakimenko Poem-nocturne “Angel”

Fedor Yakimenko Barcarole “Dream of a gondolier”