Crossing the Darkness

Thursday 16.11.2023 / 19:00

Концертний зал Людкевича



Contemporary Ukrainian chamber music for saxophone and piano


On 24 February 2022, the lives of all Ukrainians changed dramatically. Strangers came to our common home. They were filled with darkness in their souls and committed dark deeds. Their appearance brought darkness and coldness to our homes, as well as the abyss of hatred to our everyday lives. However, this tragic event has awakened an important but somewhat forgotten feeling in us – to appreciate what we have. Our history, culture and heritage. Crossing the Darkness… the programme consists of original Ukrainian saxophone music, which is relatively young and dates back to the second half of the twentieth century. This project once again confirms the depth and diversity of Ukrainian composers, introduces different styles and generations of creators, and – very touchingly – in its concept, takes listeners from the sadness of darkness to the bright joy that we had before the invasion and will definitely return after our victory.



  • Roman Fotuima, saxophone
  • Daria Shutko, piano



  • Yurii Ishchenko (1938-2021). “Sonata” for saxophone alto and piano
  • Volodymyr Runchak (1960). “Remembering a Forgotten Melody…” for saxophone and piano
  • Nazarii Skrypnyk (1992). “[X]” for saxophone viola and piano
  • Yaroslav Vereshchahin (1948-1999). “Sonatina Collage” for saxophone, viola and piano
  • Zoltan Almashi (1975). “Elegy” for saxophone, viola and piano
  • Artem Roschenko (1974). “Sketch of a Disappearing Day” for saxophone, viola and piano
    • “When the Dawn Comes”
    • “Overtaking the wind”
    • “Twilight’s Song”