Rain Dance

Концертний зал Людкевича

Sunday 06.11.2022 / 17:00

Концертний зал Людкевича



Each city has its own special season: spring for Kyiv, summer for Odesa, winter for Inamp-Frankivsk. But autumn is about Lviv.

The Lviv autumn mood with hints of rain is so familiar and at the same time so fresh in our difficult times…

If you need a refresher, come see us at the Rain Dance…


We are:

  • Dance Theater “Life”
  • “High Castle” Academic Instrumental Ensemble


And charismatic soloists:

  • Iryna Dolia
  • Pavlo Ilnytskyi
  • Zenovii Karach
  • Olha Verholyak-Tomkiv