The muses are not silent. Lysenko, Barvinsky [ONLINE]


Sunday 20.03.2022 / 18:00

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Muses Are Not Silent. Lysenko, Barvinsky Myroslav Skoryk Lviv National Philharmonic renews concert activity by launching a series of digital chamber concerts “Ukraine–2022. Muses Are Not Silent” in support of Ukrainian musicians during the russian armed aggression.

Online concerts will become a platform for the uniting of the Ukrainian music community, as many musicians participating in these concert programs have become internally displaced people and have found shelter in Lviv.

We provide a free opportunity for the whole world to watch concerts on the official YouTube channel of the Lviv National Philharmonic. At the same time, we suggest our listeners from abroad make charitable donations to Ukrainian musicians who have stayed here in Ukraine.

The first concert will take place on March 20. Is dedicated to two key figures of Ukrainian culture — Mykola Lysenko and Vasyl Barvinsky. Concerts in honor of these composers were planned in the program of the Lviv Philharmonic in connection with the 180th anniversary of Mykola Lysenko and the birthday of Vasyl Barvinsky, but russia’s aggression hampered performing of music by these two artists again. Today, works by Lysenko and Barvinsky should be played as a symbol of opposition to russian cultural propaganda, as their work has been severely oppressed under the previous russican regime.

Having a European education, both Lysenko and Barvinsky were devoted to their work, their country and their music. As one of the founders of the Ukrainian national school, Mykola Lysenko’s artistic activity covered almost all musical spheres, he assimilated most genres of music as a composer. Despite the need to maneuver between the development of Ukrainian culture and the absence of such conditions in the russian empire, his fate was better than the story of Vasyl Barvinsky. The composer was considered a “bourgeois nationalist” and forced to sign an agreement to burn his works, which were in manuscripts and had not yet been published. However, after 10 years in prison in Mordovia, Barvinsky managed to rewrite some of the burnt works.

Due to the forced chamber format of concerts, on March 20 Ukrainian musicians will perform works from the piano and vocal heritage of composers.


Mykola Lysenko

  • “Sorrow” for piano
  • “Esquisse” in b-moll for piano
  • “A Berdened Soul” (after Taras Shevchenko)
  • “The Winds Are Blowing” (after Ivan Kotlyarevsky)
  • “The Wind Rests in the Grove” (after Taras Shevchenko)

Vasyl Barvinsky

  • Prelude in b-moll for piano
  • Prelude in c-moll for piano
  • “I Had a Beloved Homeland” (after Heinrich Heine in the translation of Agatangel Krymsky)
  • “Moon, Prince” (after Ivan Franko)
  • Prelude in Fis-dur for piano
  • Prelude in Cis-dur for piano
  • “Lullaby” (after Taras Shevchenko)
  • “Sonnet” (after Ivan Franko)

Performers — soloists of the Lviv National Philharmonic:

  • Nataliia Dutiuk, soprano
  • Myroslav Dragan, piano
  • Oksana Rapita, piano

Moderator: Poet, translator, literary critic and essayist Ostap Slyvynsky

The broadcast is provided by:

videographer – Andrij Zelenyj

director of the broadcast – Mykola Khshanovskyi

sound director of the broadcast – Marian Lesiuk

coordinator – Bohdan Sehin


Bank details for charitable help. It is a multi-currency account that accepts transfers in US dollars, euros and Polish zlotys.

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Ukraine, 79000, Lviv, 4, A.Mitskevich sq.

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UA07 322 313 00000 26 009 0000 40 819

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Charitable help for musicians in Ukraine


The broadcast is provided by:

Camera: Andrij Zelenyj

Director of the broadcast: Mykola Khshanovskyi

Sound director of the broadcast: Marian Lesiuk

Producer: Bohdan Sehin