Recovery: how classical music helps to overcome stress

Фоє Концертного залу Людкевича

03.03.2023 / 18:30

Фоє Концертного залу Людкевича

Вхід вільний за попередьою реєстрацією


Being in Ukraine now means competing with worries, stress and anxiety every day. The most important thing for everyone is the opportunity to work with benefit and support others. Though, it is necessary to accept the long-term disposition of the situation, and thus need to take care of the stability of the mental health.

One of the elements to improve our life quality is music, the art that gives us a feeling of comfort and even relief. Classical music replenishes various possibilities for both emotional and intellectual perception and experience.

This spring, the Lviv National Philharmonic is launching a social project of lectures “Recovery: how classical music helps to overcome stress”. Lviv pianist and musicologist Martha Kuziy invites you to a series of lectures about the emotional aspect of music, about the nature of creativity and the path from the intuitive perception of musical compositions to experiencing non-verbal emotions. Creative impressions will be shared by the guests of the project – artists of the Lviv Philharmonic, and essential professional advice will be given by the co-hosts of the lecture – psychologists, and lecturers of the Ukrainian Catholic University, in cooperation with which this lecture is held.

An important practical component of the meetings is attending concerts after the lecture. Lectures are created for 30–40 participants.

Our project is developed to help in finding inner peace and comfort, firstly, people who are forced to temporarily change their places of residence but also to all those who are adapting to the new life realities.

Our first lectures will reflect the following topics:

⦁ reflection of emotions: how musical accompaniment of an emotional state helps to experience a certain emotion more deeply – from the pain of loss to catharsis.

⦁ musical language – can it be understood as human? Features of creating sound, letters/notes, phrases, and works; the importance of recognising intonations and forms.

⦁ peculiarities of music perception in relation to the visual series (music in films, cartoons, advertisements), neuromarketing

⦁ insight – inspired by music, we can create and live. How music encourages creative thinking and influences the musicians themselves.

⦁ the intimate side of music – sexuality and imagination; what musical means composers provoke.


The following topics are planned with an emphasis on emotional musical intelligence, sound therapy, reduction of anxiety with the help of musical experience, and peculiarities of acoustic impressions.

Attending is free due to registration.

We are waiting for you on March 3 at 18:30

The foyer of the Liudkevych Concert Hall