Virtuosos 40. Ukrainians

Lyudkevych Concert Hall

Saturday 29.05.2021 / 18:00

Lyudkevych Concert Hall



To be a part of a nation is often to perceive with natural ease and depth the cultural peculiarities, patterns, inherent to this nation. We, Ukrainians, are no exception, a nation that is undoubtedly marked by a multitude of unique features, patterns that reveal and at the same time distinguish us from others.

 What we are, our music, is best reflected through the eye of a stranger, a traveler who looks at us from a distance. Our music is polyphonic and polymelodic. 

It sounds refined and honed in ingenious double variations, where you can hear two facets of the female image of Joseph Haydn. It goes from darkness and hopelessness to light and joy in Bella Bartok or traged – enlivens Gogol’s plot in Leos Janacek. 

The best performance of the music created by composers-mental “travelers” can be provided by academic symphony orchestra “INSO-Lviv”, which, like a magnifying glass, will bring Ukraine closer to Ukrainians.




  • Valeriy Sokolov, violin
  • INSO-Lviv Academic Symphony Orchestra
  • Kyrylo Karabyts, conductor





  • Joseph Haydn. Symphony No.63 in C major «La Roxelane», Hob 1/63
  • Béla Bartók. Violin Concerto № 2, BB 117
  • Leoš Janáček. Taras Bulba, rhapsody for orchestra:
    • The Death of Andrei
    • The Death of Ostap
    • The Prophecy and Death of Taras Bulba