Virtuosos 42. Sentiments

Tuesday 23.05.2023 / 19:00

Концертний зал Людкевича



Ukrainian music has never lacked talented artists and their ambitions for genre. We should feel proud of the rare splendor of our culture’s vocal realm and the amazing symbiosis that the art of words forms with music. Entrusting their compositional talent to verbal Ukrainian melodiousness and the poetic heritage which is inspired by it, Mykola Lysenko, Kyrylo Stetsenko, Yakiv Stepovyi, Denys Sichynskyi, Stanislav Liudkevych, Vasyl Barvinskyi, and Stefaniia Turkevych-Lukiianovych created a number of jewels.

In this concert, they will be presented by the chamber alliance of Volodymyr Shahay and Vitalii Bobrovskyi. According to their interpretation, each Ukrainian art song will appear before the audience as a whole opera in miniature. The panorama of moods includes the original but actual “joy embraced with sorrow”, crossed with landscape lyrics, intimate confessions, patriotic episodes, and even mixture of comedy.


  • Volodymyr Shahai, baritone
  • Vitalii Bobrovskyi, piano



  • Mykola Lysenko (1842-1912). “I Had a Beloved, Native Land” after Heinrich Heine (translated by Mykola Lysenko)
  • Stanislav Liudkevych (1879-1979). “I’ll Go, I’ll Run Away” after Oleksandr Oles
  • Stefaniia Turkevych-Lukiianovych (1898-1977). “I Will Come in the Evening” after Yurii Lypa
  • Kyrylo Stetsenko (1892-1922). “My Songs” after Oleksandr Oles
  • Yakiv Stepovyi (1883-1921). “For Thought, Thought” after Taras Shevchenko
  • Stanislav Liudkevych. “The Secret”after Oleksandr Oles
  • Denys Sichynskyi (1865-1909). “My Song” after Ivan Franko
  • Yakiv Stepovyi. “Steppe” after Mykola Cherniavskyi
  • Yakiv Stepovyi. “Fantasy” for piano
  • Vasyl Barvinskyi (1888-1963). “Prelude No. 1″ for piano
  • Vasyl Barvinskyi. “In the Evening in the House” after Bohdan Lepkyi
  • Mykola Lysenko. “Asters” after Ivan Franko
  • Stefaniia Turkevych-Lukiianovych. “The Spider” after Narcisse Lukiianovych
  • Stanislav Liudkevych. “You Are My Best Song” after Oleksandr Oles
  • Kyrylo Stetsenko. “The Strings Are Broken” after Oleksandr Oles
  • Denys Sichynskyi. “From My Tears…” after Heinrich Heine (translated by Ahatanhel Krymskyi)
  • Yakiv Stepovyi. “Don’t Play!” after Maksym Rylskyi
  • Yakiv Stepovyi. “Oh, Not All Regrets Have Died Yet” after Oleksandr Oles
  • Vasyl Barvinskyi. “Oh, Fields, You Fields” after Oleksandr Konyskyi
  • Vasyl Barvinskyi. “Sonnet” after Ivan Franko
  • Mykola Lysenko. “Boundless Field” after Ivan Franko
  • Yakiv Stepovyi. “Joy Embraced with Sorrow” after Oleksandr Oles
  • Vasyl Barvinskyi. “Spring is Coming Again” after Lesiia Ukrainka

Moderator: Mariia Sydorak