Vivere Est Cogitare

Lyudkevych Concert Hall

04.09.2021 / 18:00

Lyudkevych Concert Hall



“INSO-Lviv” always surprises its listeners with the uniqueness of ideas and skill of its musical embodiment. The orchestra this season is not just ready to surprise, but to impress – choosing extremely complex (sometimes little-known, sometimes completely experimental and new) material to go in the fairway with the world’s music venues. In addition, this season INSO-Lviv will again be able to work with world-famous conductor Kirill Karabyts. The peculiarity and thrill of this moment is added by the fact that finally (for the first time in a year and a half) the whole orchestra will play on one stage. An unusual combination of composers makes the repertoire exceptional – the compositions of Gustav Mahler and Anna Korsun (a modern Ukrainian-German composer) will be performed. For Anna, music is considered an ephemeral art, essentially incomprehensible, which can affect emotions, feelings – something like magic. Instead, Mahler considered himself an instrument which the universe, nature, played. Nature for him is a single, all-encompassing substance, which is manifested in the infinity of individual things. “INSO-Lviv” will try to combine the past with the present, once again confirming that the past is inseparable from us, which sounds on the same, continuous line of life. If music does not save the world, it fills it with the beauty of life. 



  • “INSO-Lviv” Symphony Orchestra of Lviv National Philharmonic
  • Kyrylo Karabyts, conductor



  • Anna Korsun. Audioguide for singing orchestra
  • Gustav Mahler. Symphony No. 1 in D major