The 7th Open International Music Marathon in Memory of Wassyl Slipak W LIVE starts


It will be held under the slogan “In the Light of the Meteor” – as you know, stars burn up when they fall, having gained enormous speed. And the star shines brightest in its last hour: lighting the way for all those who are destined to follow it. For all of us, Wassyl Slipak’s contemporaries and supporters of his invaluable contribution to Ukrainian history, his talent will long shine and inspire us to continue our struggle. The figure of the Ukrainian is an example of a thirst for free life, unbridled energy and an outstanding modern personality.

The seventh Open International Music Marathon in memory of opera singer, Hero of Ukraine Wassyl Slipak will occur from 10 June to 2 July. The Hero singer will be remembered in Ukraine, France and the UK. Musicians will gather on world stages to honour the musician and soldier who died in eastern Ukraine. The Marathon is open to all to join in and testify to our common goal: to celebrate the light that Wassyl Slipak carried and its reflections in new ideas and a new generation of musicians.

The main themes of the Slipak Marathon are honouring the artists who fell for Ukraine (the Mariupol Renaissance Orchestra under the direction of Vasyl Kryachok will perform at the National Philharmonic of Ukraine on 10 June), and remembering those composers close to Wassyl, (The Phoenix String Quartet will play music by Hanna Havrylets and Oleksandr Kozarenko on 30 June in Lviv), art’s reflections on the essence of life and the hope that remains for us (Gustav Mahler’s Fourth Symphony will be performed by the Lviv National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.



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