“Heroic” Symphony by Yevhen Stankovych performed by INSO-Lviv is now available on web


In September, the INSO-Lviv National Symphony Orchestra launched its 25th concert season, with the opening concert under the baton of British conductor Paul Mann featuring Yevhen Stankovych’s Symphony No. 2 “Heroic”.

On the eve of the concert, we asked the conductor what heroism meant to him in our time.

Heroism is everywhere in Ukraine today. Among those who are fighting, those who are mourning the loss of their loved ones, and those who are experiencing the destruction of life around them. But music cannot be destroyed, and it expresses itself more accurately than words. Those who create it are also heroes.

From now on, everyone can share the experience of the symphony performed by INSO-Lviv by watching the recording of the concert.



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