Lviv Philharmonic raised funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces


UAH 5,000 were transferred to the volunteer association “Dobrochynets” and UAH 50,000 to the Center of Military Chaplaincy, the Ukrainian religious organization within the Curia of Lviv Archeparchy of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church

This amount was collected after such projects and festivals as the 41st International Festival of Music Art “Virtuosos”, the VI International Music Marathon in memory of Wassyl Slipak and the event “Between the Sirens”. The General Director of the Philharmonic, Volodymyr Syvokhip, says: “Even during the war, because of concert performances, we prove the essential need of music every day.”

The importance of such support is explained by Orest Slipak, Wassyl Slipak’s brother, the founder of the Wassyl Slipak Foundation: “Since this barbaric and uncivilized invasion of a neighboring country on our land, the Lviv National Philharmonic is the only cultural institution in Ukraine that works 24/7. It has turned into a volunteer hub, where concerts and festivals take place at the same time… The Lviv Philharmonic initiated the idea of ​​honoring Wassyl Slipak with an international marathon. Even this year was no exception, concerts were held in Ukraine, France, and Switzerland.

But the following change took place: previously these marathons were dedicated to Wassyl’s memory, and this year we named the main concert “Wassyl for Victory”. That is, with the help of concerts, it was possible to raise funds for the necessary purposes. This became the main motivation for creating the marathon, because it is an opportunity to join the raising funds to support the army. Previously, people went to the philharmonic for fun and relaxation, but now the institution has turned into a place of strength, strengthening the spirit. Listeners are meant to be recharged, strengthened, and to continue fighting, whether on the front line or behind the scenes. They come not only for cultural enrichment. When we see such unity, there is no doubt that victory is near.”

Lviv National Philharmonic - Lviv Philharmonic raised funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Marathon in memory of Wassyl Slipak. Photo credit: Eduard Ivanyushenko

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The annual International Lviv Early Music Festival in 2022 will be held from August, 9 to August, 14. It will occur for the nineteenth time, within the “Ukraine-2022. Muses Are Not Silent” Project, launched by the Myroslav Skoryk Lviv National Philharmonic with a full-scale Russian military invasion of Ukraine. From the height of the present, it is essential for artists to reflect on the past, and to be as close as possible to new changes, despite the dangers; to respond decisively to the challenges of time. Even despite martial law in Ukraine, artistic life must go on, and in the most difficult conditions must remind us of the victorious vitality and value of creative expression from the distant past to the yet unknown future.



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