Mom, I love you


On Sunday, May 14, the Lviv National Philharmonic named after M. Skorika also joined in the greetings of our dearest mothers. This day is a great opportunity to sincerely thank all mothers for their love, care and devotion. We are full of faith and determination to save the most valuable thing – our relatives and our Motherland! After all, Ukraine is another mother of ours, which we are all now faithfully defending from the Russian invaders.Because boundless love for the Mother is an integral part of our life, it is something that is always with us! The project “Mom, I love you” was presented in the Lyudkevich Hall with the participation of the Academic Instrumental Ensemble “High Castle”, Dance Theater “Zhyttia”, vocal ensemble “Kvity”, children’s dance studio “Smileys”, as well as soloists Iryna Doli, Oksana Hryb and Olga Verholyak-Tomkiv. We thank all the participants, as well as the public, for the incredible atmosphere of joy and warmth!




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