Folk Ensemble of Song and Dance “LEMKOVINA”

General information

LEMKOVINA – ensemble of song and dance. Laureate rep. the contest “Sunny Clarinets” (1984). Dawn 1969 at the House of Culture of Rudne (now subordinate to Lviv City Council) as an amateur. choir. chapel. From 1978 – folk. P. L. Yurkovsky, R. Sobolevsky, P. Kogut, V. Khomik, M. Donskoy, S. Kyshchak contributed to the formation of “L.”. At different times, the team was headed by R. Kokotailo, M. Mokretsky, T. Matveyev, I. Tsyklinsky, I. Kushnir, R. Stefanko, V. Lorchak, M. Melnyk. Orchestra bulletin Instruments were directed by Z. Bublik, N. Soroka, A. Melnyk, O. Bilousova (from 2005). The team consists of approx. 80 Lemkos fans. muse culture In the repertoire – bulletin board. songs from Lemkivshchyna in the processing of A. Kos-Anatolsky, E. Kozak, M. Kolesi, V. Flis, I. Maychyk, M. Datska and others. Recorded records “Sings Lemkova” “(1987) and” Let’s Go, Good-bye! “(1991). With the participation of “L.” the films were filmed – “Oh, I’m Better My, Better” (1984), “Singing the Lampoon” (1988; review on CD 2005). Tours by cities of Ukraine, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Germany. From 2002 the ensemble includes dance. The group led by A. Kiyah (from 2013). For a long time, the artist. manager and the conductor was I. Kushnir (1974-98), from 2009 – B. Kryvko.