To Kozarenko’s birthday in Music-review


Tetiana Polishchuk’s article on the “Music-review” resource mentioned the events prepared by Ukrainian art institutions, in particular, the Lviv National Philharmonic, for the days of memory of the outstanding Ukrainian composer Oleksandr Kozarenko (1963-2023).

Dzvenyslava Safian, head of the literary section of the Lviv Philharmonic, musicologist, pianist, commented for the publication:

The Lviv cultural environment played a huge role in the formation of the composer from Kolomyia. “It was here, in the philharmonic hall and the Lviv organization of the Union of Composers of Ukraine, that in the late 1980s and 1990s, Oleksandr Kozarenko’s music sounded in full. Well-known contemporary music festivals (“Contrasts”) and famous collectives (“Gloria” Chamber Choir) performed and commissioned the composer’s works. Thanks to his originality and avant-garde creative direction, Kozarenko quickly won the favor of listeners. His large-scale symphonic works, such as “Chaconne” or “Epistoles” were successfully performed in our institution. Therefore, the event “In memory of Oleksandr Kozarenko” is an important contribution to the memory of a brilliant artist and a testimony to the relevance and symbolism of his music (in particular, chamber and vocal heritage) in our difficult times…



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