The German tour of the Lviv National Philharmonic begins


Philharmonic Director General and conductor Volodymyr Syvokhyp said: “We have come to say that Ukraine has its own culture. It is very important that we will perform a lot of Ukrainian music on this tour. We will be performing works by Borys Liatoshynskyi, Myroslav Skoryk, Valentyn Silvestrov and, of course, world classics. We hope that during this tour the German audience will learn even more about Ukraine and its rich musical art.”

The performances will also include the first touring premiere of Vasyl Barvinsky’s Piano Concerto, with the famous Ukrainian performer Violina Petrychenko as the soloist.

Lviv National Philharmonic - The German tour of the Lviv National Philharmonic begins

“I have the honor to perform Barvinsky’s Piano Concerto, a concerto that was lost for a long time, like many other Barvinsky’s works, and only in 1993 was it found in distant Buenos Aires. We have a very important mission – to play this concerto not only in Ukraine but also in Europe,” the musician commented.



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