The third week of the International Virtuosos Festival continues


The theme of this year’s festival is related to the difficult times in which Ukraine is living and defending its independence. Since March 2022, our muses have not been silent: In times of war, musicians continue to light the way with their art, comforting souls and wounded hearts. The Festival focuses on young Ukrainian virtuosos, eminent foreign performers, music from the Baroque to modern tango, and, most importantly, Ukrainian music.

Guitar: earthly and heavenly

On 31 May, the Lviv Philharmonic hosted a concert about the music of life that flourishes in our cities against all odds. Each of the pieces told fascinating stories – whether about the elegant European city on the water – Venice of the eighteenth century, or about the colourful neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires from the twentieth century to the present day. All of this is in the microcosm of tango, a tango of passion and innovation, arranged from various instruments for string orchestra and the indispensable guitar. Every note is imbued with awe for this dance.

Artists: Natalia Kozhushko-Maksymiv, flute, Andrii Ostapenko, guitar, “Lviv Virtuosos” Academic Chamber Orchestra, Taras Verhun, conductor

Dedication to the Maestro

One of those who laid the foundations of the Ukrainian present is an unmistakable description of Myroslav Skoryk. On 1 June, Lviv soloists and the Academy Orchestra performed a tribute to the composer at the Philharmonic, for whom the Maestro has become a patron and symbol of musical existence.

Although it is known that Skoryk is the author of the first Ukrainian twist, a stylish and bold experimenter, he also cultivated his lyrical, introverted side through the works that will be performed in this programme. It is filled with memories, prayerfulness, excitement and sadness. Enlightened, because in the end, we are left with his message and work. “A great dream is to leave all positions and just create and live for the soul,” the artist once said. On the third anniversary of his death, we remember with gratitude and adopt this impulse: to live and create, no matter what.

Performers: Sofia Solovii, soprano, Andrii Karpiak, flute, Jozsef Ermin, piano, Lviv Chamber Orchestra “Akademiya” (Arthur Mykytka, director and concertmaster), Ihor Pylatiuk, artistic director and conductor



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