Germany-Israel-Ukraine. Celebrating the 70-th Anniversary of Israeli Declaration of Independence

Support: Embassy of Germany in Ukraine
Bayerischer Musikrat
Lionsclub Bayreuth-Kulmbach
An orchestra from Ukraine, a conductor and a composer from Israel, choires from Germany and Israel, German soloists. An international project is dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of Israeli Declaration of Independence. In the concert program among the works such classics as Shostakovich, Verdi and Mendelssohn, we will listen to music of Issak Tavior, who will visit the festival and will be a conductor. His works – “Wisdom of Solomon”, “Calm down my nation” and “Vision of dry bones” – are about ancient prophecies and will performed by soloists, choir and orchestra. So the program consists of religious-philosophic choir music with opera and symphony genres.

Thursday 31.05.2018 / 19:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall


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In the program:

Dmitry Shostakovich. Festive Overture Op. 96
Felix Mendelssohn. Overture and Scherzo from A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Issak Tavior. Solomon Wisdom For Soloists, Choir and Orchestra
Issak Tavior. Cоmfort my People for Choir, Soloists and Orchestra
Issak Tavior. The Vision of the Dry Bones for Choir, Soloist and Orchestra
Giuseppe Verdi. Tacea la notte placida from Il trovatore

Giuseppe Verdi. Va, pensiero from Nabucco

Giuseppe Verdi. Drinking Song from La Traviata