Skoryk in Jazz Style

Myroslav Skoryk at his anniversary year performs a concert tour with author jazz program. Uniqueness of project lies in that fact that maestro conducts the orchestra himself at all concert tours. The composer masterly mixes classical traditions with jazz rhythms and harmony, and also his individual music perception.
Fans of maestro’s creativity will have not only an opportunity to listen to his music in a live performance, but also get 16-tracks CD “Myroslav Skoryk in jazz” with his autograph.
Producer of project Oleksandr Pireyev/ UKR Artists Agency.

Thursday 24.05.2018 / 19:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall



In the program:

  • Five Jazz Pieces for Piano and Orchestra
    • A Pleasant Stroll
    • Stubborn Motive
    • Patterns
    • Caprise
    • In Folk Style
  • Four Jazz Paraphrases of Classical Music for Piano Four Hands
    • Ludvig van Beethoven. Moonlight Sonata, 1st movement
    • Ludvig van Beethoven. Appassionata, 2nd movement
    • Frédéric Chopin. Mazurka in A minor
    • Ludvig van Beethoven. Für Elise
  • In Old Jazz Style for Piano and Strings
  • Three Extravagant Dances for Piano Four Hands
    • In Spanish-Mauritanian Style
    • Sad Blues
    • Can-Can, as if from an Old Phonograph Record