«Walt Disney’s Enchanting World of Music»

We are presenting you top 10 of most enchanting songs from Walt Disney’s world:
“Thumbnail” – character Thumbnail – song “Soon”
“Little Mermaid” – character Mermaid – song “Part of the World”
“Little Mermaid” – character Sebastian – song “Under the Sea”
“Snow White and seven dwarfs” – character Snow White – song “Whistle while you work”
“Hercules” – character Hercules – song “Go the Distance”
“Beauty and the Beast” – duet, song “Something There”
“Three piglets” – song “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf”
“Winnie the Pooh” – character Tigger – song “The wonderful thing about Tiggers”
“Snow White and seven dwarfs” – character dwarfs – song “Heig-Ho”
“Tangled” – character Rapunzel – song” When will my life begin”
“Zootopia” – song – “Try Everything”

04.03.2018 / 12:30

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The owner of 29 Oscar nominations, founder of the first “Disneyland” in a world, father of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, of course, it is Walt Disney.
Watching movies of Walt Disney, we are not always curious about a plot or character development most of the time we just enjoy beautiful songs and great animation.
We will talk about songs, sing them, watch them on the screen. You will hear these wonderful songs in a Ukrainian language, and they will be presented by soloists from Lviv regional Philharmonia. A creator of this marvelous idea is soloist from Lviv regional Philharmonia Oksana Kovaleva.