Концертний зал Людкевича

14.11.2020 / 18:00

Концертний зал ЛюдкевичаКонцертний зал Людкевича

Ви зможете придбати квитки в касі філармонії . Вартість квитка 200-300-400 грн.


With this project, the INSO-Lviv orchestra continues to research and show through music the influence of the figure of Andrei Sheptytskyi on Ukrainian culture.
If Hnatyshyn`s music was played in the orchestra`s previous project, whose work   the metropolitan personally supported, in this program combines works by two composers and two key  personalities  for musical history of Lviv – Vasyl Barvinskyi and Antin Rudnytskyi.

Although the fate of both of them is connected with Lviv, but has a lot differently; Vasyl Barvinskyi was convicted and exiled to Mordovian camps; Antin Rudnytsky worked fpr some time in Kharkiv and Kyiv, then returned to Lviv,and later, just before World War II, he and his wife emigrated to the USA.

Barvinskyi and Rudnytsky together were among the founders of the famous Union of  Ukrainian Proffesional Musicians; in addition, Barvinskyi was one of Rudnytsky`s teachers of harmonic.

In 1937 Andrei Sheptytskyi proposed Antin Rudnytskyi and to the outstanding opera singer Maria Sokil- Rudnytska (the composer`s wife) to make a charity concert tour to the USA;after another American tour in 1938, the couple was no longer able to return to the Homeland through the World War II.

Thus, say that will sound, represent two different views Ukrainian music – two views on two different sides of the Iron Curtain – views of two unique, bright creative personalities who lived andcreated in the XX century