In memoriam. Taras Drahan

Thursday 29.02.2024 / 19:00

Концертний зал Людкевича



To be an artist. To be a teacher. To be a mentor. And to be yourself. Lviv artist Taras Dragan taught contemporary artists this by his own example. Fifteen years ago he passed away, but his presence is still felt in the classrooms of the Ivan Trush Lviv State College of Fine Arts, where he devoted almost his entire life. His influence can be felt in every painting created by his students.

Colleagues recall that the artist’s creative process was often accompanied by music. It became a recognizable and special part of his classes, helping his students to plunge into the world of fantasy, to touch their own imagination. That is why the In memoriam evening, which will take place on Taras Dragan’s birthday, will also be filled with music.

A special program is being prepared by Lviv soloists: the artist’s son, pianist Myroslav Drahan, pianist Oksana Rapita, violinists Nazarii Pylatiuk and Yevhen Kruk, violist Ustym Zhuk, cellist Taras Mentsinskyi, and double bassist Denys Markevych.



  • Nazarii Pylatiuk, violin
  • Yevhen Kruk, violin
  • Ustym Zhuk, viola
  • Taras Mentsinskyi, cello
  • Denys Markevych, double bass
  • Myroslav Dragan, piano
  • Oksana Rapita, piano


The program of the concert includes works by Franz Schubert, Claude Debussy, Mykola Lysenko, and Vasyl Barvinskyi.


Speaker: Oksana Roiuk-Bahrynivska