Ivan Maichyk: dedication to a choir

Thursday 11.05.2023 / 18:00

Концертний зал Людкевича



On the 95th birthday of the renowned conductor, ethnomusicologist, composer, teacher, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, a concert devoted to the outstanding Ukrainian artist will be held.

Ivan Maichyk is an example of a musician inspired by the high mission of the profession. His path to art was laid through playing the accordion in Ternopil. He received his further musical education in Lviv as a choir conductor, by learning composition personally from the best artists of his time. Ivan Maichyk was noted for his exceptional organizational skills: he became the chief of the choirs of Lviv schools No. 24 and No. 62, the choir of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the Lviv University named after I. Frank, the choir chapel of the Lviv Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute, the choir of the Palace of Schoolchildren. It is interesting that during his lifetime he tried himself as an editor and sound engineer of the music editorial office of the Lviv Regional Committee for Radio Broadcasting and Television.

Wherever Ivan Maichyk’s tuning fork set the mood, selected music as rarely performed pearls of Ukrainian and world classics was sounding: masterpieces by Stanislav Liudkevych, Yevhen Kozak, Anatolii Kos-Anatolskyi, choruses from the operas of Mozart, Smetana, Wagner, Rossini. He gave a new life to the best choral canvases of repressed, forgotten, but extremely talented creators – among them Vasyl Barvinskyi, Mykhailo Verbytskyi, Oleksandr Koshyts, Ostap Nyzhankivskyi, Anatol Vahnianin.

At the same time, there is an active folklore activity (in particular, from the collection of unique Lemky musical treasures) by him and work in the pedagogical field. Continuing the traditions of the stars of the Ukrainian choir – Kolessa, Leontovych, Lysenko – Ivan Maichyk raised mindful and trained specialists, who today plant the seeds of his science in various Ukrainian educational institutions and professional teams.

We invite you to honour his dedication to the choir, his contribution to the musical life of Lviv and his powerful love for music on May 11.



  • Galician Academic Chamber Choir (artistic director and conductor — Vasyl Yatsyniak)
  • Lviv Municipal Choir “Homin” (artistic director and conductor — Ruslan Liashenko)
  • Choir of students of the Liudkevych Lviv Music College (artistic director and conductor — Oksana Dolishna)
  • Choir of students of the Lysenko Lviv National Academy of Music (artistic director and conductor — Vasyl Dolishnyi)


  • Ostap Maichyk, narrator



  • Ivan Maichyk. “Movement” after Volodymyr Sosiura
  • Ivan Maichyk. “Waterfall” after Mykhailo Petrenko
  • Ivan Maichyk. Prelude to the memory of Stefan Turchak
  • Arrangements of Ukrainian Lemky folk songs by Ivan Maichyk:
    • “Lullaby”
    • “Oh, an inn”
    • “A red meadow by the valley”
  • Ivan Maichyk. “Toast” after Mykola Voronyi
  • Ivan Maichyk. “How should I grieve” after Taras Shevchenko
  • Arrangements of Ukrainian (Lemky) folk songs by Ivan Maichyk:
    • “The pinewoods are loud, the forests are loud”
    • “Oh, three years, three Sundays”
    • “The sad sun glowed”
  •  Ivan Maichyk. “Waterfall” after of Mykhailo Petrenko
  • Arrangements of Ukrainian (Lemky) folk songs by Ivan Maichyk:
    • “Mountains our Carpathians”
    • “I would plough, I would plough”
    • “Hey mountain high”
    • “Green Meadow”
  • Ivan Maichyk. “Maples” after Bohdan-Ihor Antonych
  • Ivan Maichyk. “My thoughts” after Taras Shevchenko
  • Ivan Maichyk. “Dawn” after Bohdan-Ihor Antonych
  • Arrangements of Ukrainian (Lemky) folk songs by Ivan Maichyk:
    • “Vesnianka”
    • “Whose field is that”
    • “My regrets”