My Story is in You… Music of Love

Thursday 15.02.2024 / 19:00

Концертний зал Людкевича




  • Iryna Dolia
  • Roman Mylian
  • Andriy Yatskiv
  • Edward Makos
  • Ihor Khomyn
  • Ivan Dotsenko
  • Dance Theater “Life”

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we invite you to the Lviv Philharmonic for a unique event from the Life Dance Theater. The program will be a “mosaic” of love stories: passionate, destructive, dramatic… Actors of the Dance Theater “Life” will tell them in the language of bodies, rhythms and melodies. Modern and refined, unrestrained and extremely sensual.

Irina Dolia, Roman Mylian, Andrii Yatskiv, Edward Makos, Ihor Khomyn, Ivan Dotsenko will perform for you, immersing everyone in the seductive and intriguing atmosphere of Love.

Visit a spectacular musical and plastic spectacle accompanied by the best musicians and vocalists of Lviv!