Musical Pilgrimage – a journey into the unknown

Концертний зал Людкевича

Thursday 10.08.2023 / 19:00



Opening concert of XX Lviv Early Music Festival

In Memoriam to Roman Stelmaschuk

A pilgrim goes for an unknown road, just as a listener gets acquainted with a piece of music. However, every road, like the best music, can be explored anew. And so many still unknown masterpieces are hidden from us by time! The world is getting familiarised with ancient Ukrainian music, and it turns out that it nurtured the best-known achievements and set new artistic rules on a global scale. The figure of Martin from Lviv, or Martin Leopolita, is an exceptional example of a Ukrainian Renaissance musician. His monumental “Missa Paschalis” – the author’s most complete and characteristic work that has survived to our days – will be presented at the Festival Opening.

The 20th Jubilee Festival pays tribute to those artists who passed away, but left the priceless treasures of their work to humanity. These are Roman Stelmashchuk, the inspirer and founder of the Festival (1965–2015), and Oleksandr Kozarenko, a composer, pianist, and musicologist who left the artistic community this year (1963–2023). It is amazing how the elegant admiration for the avant-garde, the intimate biblical motives and the true Ukrainian music essence are combined in his work. It’s amazing how much of it still remains unexplored for us, musical pilgrims: so let’s “set the sails” and begin.



  • Lviv Chamber Choir “Gloria”
  • Volodymyr Syvokhip, artistic director
  • Mariana Ferendovych, conductor



  • The unknown author of the 17th century. Five-voices Partes Service
  • Oleksandr Kozarenko (1963–2023). “Blessed is the Man” and “Rejoices You” (from the Ostroh Triptych)
  • Martin Leopolita (1537 – cа. 1584). “Missa Paschalis”