Mykola Petrenko. Forever Young

Thursday 09.11.2023 / 18:30

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall



Petrenko is for every day… Petrenko is about the Ukrainian soul, unconquered, worn by the winds of time, but so young and elusive. His songs give inspiration, they hold firmly with their confidence in the future Ukraine, they speak today with a boyish sincere love for Her, as a woman.



  • Academic instrumental ensemble of soloists “Vysokyi Zamok”
  • Dance theatre “Life”
  • Dance studio “Smiley”
  • Vocal ensemble “Flowers”
  • Children’s ensemble “Gorlychky”
  • Iryna Dolya
  • Zinovii Karach
  • Olha Verkholyak-Tomkiv


The programme includes well-known hits, and unknown and forgotten songs by Ukrainian composers with lyrics by the famous Ukrainian poet Mykola Petrenko.