Virtuosos 40. New Vector

Lyudkevych Concert Hall

Saturday 22.05.2021 / 18:00

Lyudkevych Concert Hall



«ІNSO-Lviv» orchestra has prepared for you premieres that will impress you with their magic and mystery.

Ernő Dohnányi, who combines the traditions of East and West European civilization. He is the composer who reflects all the historical cataclysms of the twentieth century, the so-called Hungarian Brahms. Florent Schmitt – the embodiment of French romanticism also shows interest in the East.

 Kodály brings back the richness of Hungarian musical culture, and thus creates a new style of compositional music. Somewhere close to him, He emphasizes both its “barbaric” color and darkness on the verge. Sergey Prokofiev is a stylist of violin compositions, where the violin acts as a lyrical hero. 

It is possible to touch these musical “fruits”, which show the ideality of images and bright lyrics, to enter the fascinating obscurity thanks to the academic symphony orchestra “INSO-Lviv”.



  • Oleh Kaskiv, violin
  • Sophia Soloviy, soprano
  • INSO-Lviv Academic Symphony Orchestra
  • Andriy Yurkevych, conductor



  • Ernst (Ernő) von Dohnányi. Szimfonikus percek (Symphonic Minutes), Op. 36:
    • Capriccio
    • Rhapsodia
    • Scherzo
    • Tema con Variazoni
    • Rondo
  • Sergei Prokofiev. Concerto № 2 for violin and orchestra, Op.63
  • Florent Schmitt. La Tragédie de Salomé, Op. 50:
    • Prélude
    • Danse des Perles (Pearl Dance)
    •  Les Enchantements sur la mer (Enchantments on the sea)
    • Danse des éclairs (Dance of lightning)
    • Danse de l’effroi (Dance of dread)
  • Zoltán Kodály. Galántai Táncok (Dances of Galánta)