Night of Contrasts

Lyudkevych Concert Hall

Saturday 09.10.2021 / 15:00

Lyudkevych Concert Hall


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15:00 / Malaniuk Square

Myroslav Trofymuk aka. AЙKTRONER

Sculpture of Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart — audiovisual performance BRONZE

As a result of the audiovisual performance (in which the sculpture becomes an integral part), Lviv’s Mozart is contextualized in the square of this city. According to Myroslav Trofymuk, “The monument speaks of Mozart, and we speak of the monument: this is how re-actualization works. It is interesting to think about the process of creation how bronze sounds, what is special about this material”.

Partnership with the LvivMozArt Festival 


17:00 / Foyer

Kharkiv Guitar Trio

The newly formed ensemble, which includes members of the Kharkiv Guitar Quartet, prepared for «Contrasts» a special program of music for two and three guitars. In particular, along with works by foreign authors, the ensemble will perform world premieres by Ukrainian composers.



Kharkiv Guitar Trio (UA)

  • Maksym Trianov
  • Iryna Polovynka
  • Andriy Bragin



  • Greg Caffrey (*1963, IE). «Tabula Rasa» for three guitars (2010)
  • Serhiy Radzetsky (*1983, UA). «Ricercar» for three guitars (2001)
  • Steven Paxton (*1951, US). «Automaton Variations» for three guitars (2012)
  • Philip Glass (*1937, US). «Étude №19» for three guitars (1994)
  • Olexander Shchetynsky (*1960, UA). «Three sketches in quarter tones» for two guitars (1992)
  • Roman Haubenstock-Ramati (1919–1994, PL / AT). «Hexachord II» for two guitars (1973)
  • Agustin Castilla-Avila (*1974, ES / AT). «Novem» for three guitars (2015)
  • Volodymyr Bogatyrev (*1995, UA). «Geometric piece in the style of suprematism» for three guitars (2021, world premiere)
  • Denys Bocharev (*1989, UA). «Five little pieces» for three guitars (2021, world premiere)

With the support of ZAiKS and Pro Musica Viva Foundation


18:30 / Lyudkevych Concert Hall

Sound Object


The Sound Object Chamber Group is not a regular ensemble, but it connects different musicians with a special idea. The members focus on the meaning of music, creating sound objects in space.

This program is the study of sound as an object in its subjective interpretation by various composers. Sound can have the function of old language — it is forming, but can not achieve clarity and consistency yet (Furrer — «Voicelessness», Song); sound can be realized in the interaction and opposition of timbres (Bärtschi  — Duet); sound becomes the language of new metamodern lyricism (Stankovych — «Prayer for Peace»), finally, the sound is an expression of will, determination, concentrated tension (Ustvolskaya — Trio).



  • Maria Tkachyk, violin (UA)
  • Yuriy Nemirovsky, clarinet (UA)
  • Antonii Baryshevsky, piano (UA)



  • Eugen Stankovych (*1942, UA). “Prayer for peace”, trio for clarinet, violin and piano (2014)
  • Beat Furrer (*1954, CH / AT). “Voicelessness” (The snow has no voice) for piano (1986)
  • Werner Bärtschi (*1950, CH). Duet for violin and clarinet (1986–87)
  • Beat Furrer (*1954, CH / AT). Lied for violin and piano (1993)
  • Galina Ustvolskaya (1919–2006, RU). Trio for clarinet, violin and piano (1949)

20:00 / Liudkevych Concert Hall

Quadrophonie Ukraine — Deutschland: Bridges

An art project with the works of Maksym Kolomiets, Bohdan Sehin, Kunsu Shim and Gerhard Stäbler in combination with the installation “STILL·LIFE?”, and a dedication to Giorgio Agamben by Kunsu Shim. This idea will include a video performance of a concert realized especially for the premiere at the Lviv Festival of Contemporary Music “Contrasts”. The idea of complex audiovisual perception is reflected through the concept of artwork in new conditions through its postmodernist form and content.


EarPort Ensemble:

  • Mathieu Jocqué, cello (BE / DE)
  • Roman Yusipey, accordion (UA / DE)
  • Gerhard Stäbler and Kunsu Shim, performance (DE)
  • Younggoo Chang, video



  • Bohdan Sehin (*1976, UA). “Icarus” for cello and accordion (2020)
  • Kunsu Shim (*1958, DE / KR). “Zwei halbmonde I” for cello and accordion (2016)
  • Maksym Kolomiiets (*1981, UA). “Feuer in deinen augen” for accordion (2020)
  • Kunsu Shim (*1958, DE / KR). “Ent.Binden”, Dekonstruktion der Ausstellung STILL·LIFE? Performance (2021) … simultan mit … “Zwei halbmonde II und III” for cello and accordion 
  • Bohdan Sehin (*1976, UA). “And the sailors enjoying the view of the earth” for accordion (2012)
  • Kunsu Shim (*1958, DE / KR). DREI Be·Ziehung (1) Performance (2020)
  • Kunsu Shim (*1958, DE / KR). “DREI Wasser·Tuch (2) … simultan mit …”, “12 Things” for cello (2005) 
  • Gerhard Stäbler (*1949, Deutschland) AugenTanz / MundStücke (1999), Performance zum Gedicht “Die innere Farbe der Augen” von Serhij Zhadan
  • Kunsu Shim (*1958, DE / KR). DREI Manuskript (3)
  • Gerhard Stäbler (*1949, DE). “Bridges” Musik zum Gedicht FERNEN von Paul Celan (19201970) for cello and accordion (1996–97/2020)

In cooperation with Goethe-Institut Ukraine and Contrasts International Contemporary Music Festival with the support of Musikfonds e.V. Berlin.

EarPort, Duisburg (DE)

21:30 / Foyer



∿ und̷e̷l̷ě̷t̷e̷d̷, electronics live
Serhiy Horobets, video


23:00 / Концертний зал Людкевича

György Kurtag. Box with toys


The concept of a postmodern game with classical masterpieces, styles, epochs is fully embodied in the works by György Kurtag, a contemporary Hungarian composer. The piano instrument in his imagination becomes a toy, which is entrusted to go on a crazy journey through a variety of technical difficulties with the performer. The macrocycle, which currently has 9 books and is in an open process of creation, contains the original incarnations of Kurtag’s fascinating XX century’s musical lexicon and subtly emphasizes its main achievements. The rules of the game in this composer’s diary always differ: familiar motifs are intertwined with a radical rejection of their memory. They finally form unforgettable meanings, read by each listener in their own way. Just as in the program of Maksym Shadko, who kept the contrasting «Games» for entertaining «Night».



  • Maksym Shadko, piano (UA)


  • György Kurtág (*1926, HU). “Játékok” (Games) for piano (1973–…) 

Book 1

“Prelude and valse in C”
“Fifths and fourths and palm strokes”
“Hommage a Beethoven”
“Hommage a Ligeti”
“Hommage a Tchaikovsky”
“Hommage a Paganini” (new Campanella)
“Perpetuum Mobile”

Book 2

“Hommage a Endre Bálint”
“Valse (Hommage a Shostakovich)”
“Hommage a Kadosa (12 Microludes)”
“12 Microludes” (No.11 Hommage a Andre Hajdu; No.12 Hommage a Nancy Sinatra)

Book 3

“Play With Infinity” (А)
“Elegy for the Left Hand”
“Hommage a Schubert”
“12 New Microludes” (1; 2. Agitato; 3. Labyrinthine D; 4; 5. Hommage a Szabó Ferenc; 6. Shadow-play (4); 7. Hommage a Mihály András; 8; 9. Obstinate A flat; 10; 11. Hommage a J. S. B.; 12. Hommmage a Stockhausen)

Book 5

“A Voice in the Distance” — for Alfred Schlee’s 80th birthday
“The little squall (for Zoltan Kocsis)”
“Bells for Margit Mándy”
“Voice in the Distance” II (hommage a Alfred Schlee 85)
“Capriccioso-luminoso” (for Jeno Szervansky’s 80th birthday)

Book 6

“Fundamentals” (1)
“Fundamentals” (2)
“Marina Tsvetayeva. It’s Time”
“Les Adieux (in Janaceks Manier)”
“Face to Face”
“…humble regard sur Olivier Messiaen…” (В)


Collaborative project of the Festival with VERE MUSIC FUND

VERE MUSIC FUND provides young Ukrainian musicians with grants to participate in international competitions and masterclasses, supports classical music competitions in Ukraine, and also implements festival projects and educational initiatives.