Nyckelharpa and Harpsichord

13.08.2022 / 18:00

Концертний зал Людкевича



Nyckelharpa is one of the Swedish traditional instruments. The earliest illustration of a nyckelharpa is considered to be an image of two musicians playing this instrument in the Shchelunge Church on the island of Gotland. It dates back to around 1350. The image of a nyckelharpa is also found in the Cappellina di Palazzo Pubblici in the Italian city of Siena, which dates back to 1408.

In the program, the performers will combine apparently distant instruments, the nyckelharpa, which is still widely used in Scandinavian traditional music today, and the harpsichord, which has become a kind of symbol of aristocratic and refined baroque music.

The concert will feature the works of Italian early baroque composers Giovanni Pandolfi and Giovanni Battista Fontana, composers of the high baroque era (Arcangelo Corelli, Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Händel and Georg Philipp Telemann). Olena Yeremenko and Hanna Ivanyushenko will also introduce the listeners to a sonata by Swedish composer Olof Åhlström.



  • Olena Yeremenko, nyckelharpa
  • Anna Ivanyushenko, harpsichord


  • Giovanni Battista Fontana (1589–1630). Violin sonata No. 2 (1630)
  • Giovanni Battista Fontana (1589–1630). Balletto e passe’e mezzo
  • Arcangelo Corelli (1653–1713). Sonata No. 7 in d-moll Op. 5 No. 7 (1700)
  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750). Concerto after Antonio Vivaldi in G-dur BWV 973 (1720)
  • Georg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767). Sonata di chiesa a diversi stromeni g-moll TWV 41:g5 (1728)
  • Georg Friedrich Händel (1685–1759). Violin Sonata in D-dur Op. 1 No. 4 (1730)
  • “Barockfavoriten”, Polska after by Ludvig Olsson
  • Polska after Byss-Kalle (1783–1847). N. 25
  • “Byggnan”, Polska after Byss-Kalle
  • Olof Åhlström (1756–1835). Sonata №1 for harpsichord with the accompaniment of Violin in B-dur (1784)
  • Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi-Mealli (1624–1687). Violin sonata Op. 3 “La Castella” (1660)



Moderator: Polina Kordovska


Live broadcast provided by:
Andrij Zelenyj, camera
Mykola Khshanovskyi, live broadcast director
Marian Lesiuk, sound director
Bohdan Sehin, producer


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