OUR BACHIANA. Traveling with Bach

Monday 20.03.2023 / 19:00

Концертний зал Людкевича



“Our Baсhiana” is a chamber music festival that continues the “Bach-Marathon” annual project, which the Lviv National Philharmonic organizes during the celebration of Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday. Commonly, most of the world celebrates his birthday on March 21, according to the old calendar, because the Protestant Church in Germany embraced the Gregorian calendar in 1700, with the agreement that until 1699 all dates remained valid.


  1. In a small Hungarian gymnasium, Ernő Dohnányi, a composer and pianist, performed his first solo concert. Now his music confidently emerges through the new world.
  1. German concentration camp. Czech composer Erwin Schulhoff, who is returning from oblivion only nowadays, died of tuberculosis.
  2. Paris. During this time, the patriarch of contemporary Hungarian music, György Kurtág, wrote his opus No. 1, the String Quartet, which marked his recovery from severe depression.
  3. Lviv Philharmonic. During the war in the centre of Europe, we have the opportunity to listen to the music of a famous contemporary, Yurii Laniuk from Lviv.

What had happened before all these clearly unrelated events?

  1. In the town of Eisenach in Germany, the youngest of a large family of city musician, the outstanding and famous Johann Sebastian Bach, was born.




  • Andrii Pavlov, violin
  • Ihor Zavhorodnii, violin
  • Ustym Zhuk, viola
  • Andrii Chop, viola
  • Oksana Lytvynenko, cello
  • Nazarii Stets, double bass
  • Natalia Kozhushko-Maksymiv, flute
  • Iryna Tikhonova, oboe
  • Myroslav Dragan, piano



  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Chaconne in D minor from Partita No. 2 for solo violin, BWV 1004 (1717-1720)
  • György Kurtág (1926). “Bagatelles”  for flute, double bass and piano (1988)
  • Erwin Schulhof (1894-1942). “Concertino” for flute, viola and double bass (1925)
  • Erno Dohnagnyi (1877-1960). Serenade for violin, viola and cello op. 10 (1902-1903)
  • Yurii Laniuk (1957). Trio for violin, viola and cello (2022)


Moderator Polina Kordovska



Live broadcast provided by:

  • Andrij Zelenyj, camera
  • Mykola Khshanovskyi, live broadcast director
  • Marian Lesiuk, sound director
  • Bohdan Sehin, producer



“Ukraine. Muses Are Not Silent” is a concert series in support of Ukrainian musicians during the russian armed aggression. Online concerts will become a platform for the uniting of the Ukrainian music community, as many musicians participating in these concert programs have become internally displaced people and have found shelter in Lviv.

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