Академічний симфонічний оркестр INSO-Lviv запрошує на концерт яскравої європейської музики з українським колоритом, що підтримує та надихає на нові звершення.

Saturday 17.02.2024 / 19:00

Концертний зал Людкевича



It is said that when you run out of spiritual resources when you want to get off the chosen path, when all strength and inspiration disappear, you need to go to the mountains. What if we take you to the atmosphere of the Ukrainian Carpathians at our concert in February? Listen to the bright suite for strings “In the Mountains” by Mykola Kolessa, as well as the symphonic poem “Our Mountains” by Stanislav Liudkevych and feel how this incredible music restores and fills you from the inside. It is no coincidence that the talented twentieth-century Lviv composers Liudkevych and Kolessa lived 100 and 103 years respectively, at a time when no one knew about retreats in the mountains, or called it something else entirely.

At the age of 94, the legendary Stanislav Liudkevych also composed The Dance of the Skeletons, which will conclude the first section of our concert. At that time, the composer was already seeing poorly and could not compose an orchestral score on his own. However, this did not prevent him from creating a symphonic masterpiece of the European level, which continued the thematic line of romantic composers such as Saint-Saëns, Liszt, and others. Appearing during the Soviet occupation of Ukraine, the work had to be called “The Feat.” Today, however, we are returning the real names to the works of art, opening the true pages of Ukrainian history.

The finale of our musical evening will be the Symphony No. 4 by Johannes Brahms. “The Fourth is grandiose, extremely original, extremely new, born of a powerful individuality, breathing extraordinary energy from the first to the last note,” said Hans von Bülow, the outstanding 19th-century conductor. And who are we to argue with him? We would only add that this music is made an eternal masterpiece by its extraordinary emotionality and power, which does not lose its relevance over the years, but only reborn and multiplies its meanings for each generation of listeners, becoming a real source of support.


  • INSO-Lviv Symphony Orchestra of the Lviv National Philharmonic
  • Roman Kreslenko, conductor



  • Mykola Kolessa. Suite for string orchestra “In the Mountains”
  • Stanislav Liudkevych. Symphonic poem “Dance of Skeletons”
  • Stanislav Liudkevych. Symphonic poem “Our Mountains”
  • Johannes Brahms. Symphony No. 4 in E minor, Op. 98