W LIVE: Prayer for Wassyl

Гарнізонний храм святих апостолів Петра і Павла

Friday 30.06.2023 / 19:00

Вхід вільний


7th Open International Music Marathon in memory of Wassyl Slipak W LIVE

“In the Light of the Meteor” – as you know, stellar bodies burn up when they fall, having gained enormous speed. And the star shines brightest in its last hour: lighting the way for all those who are destined to follow it. For all of us, Wassyl Slipak’s contemporaries and supporters of his invaluable contribution to Ukrainian history, his talent will long shine and inspire us to continue our struggle. The figure of the Ukrainian is an example of a thirst for free life, unbridled energy and an outstanding modern personality.

The seventh Open International Music Marathon in memory of opera singer, Hero of Ukraine Wassyl Slipak will take place from 10, June to 1, July. The Hero singer will be honoured in Ukraine, France and the UK. The preamble to the Marathon has already been a chamber performance by Ukrainian musicians in London on 20 May with a classical programme of Ukrainian and European music. Musicians will gather to honour the musician and soldier who died in eastern Ukraine. The events include electroacoustic music concerts and large-scale symphony performances. The Marathon is open to all to join in and share our common goal: to celebrate the light that Wassyl Slipak carried and its reflections in new ideas and a new generation of musicians.


The losses of the war have not spared the music community of Ukraine. They were particularly painful with the untimely passing of two artists of incredible talent, Hanna Havrylets (27 February 2022) and Oleksandr Kozarenko (21 March 2023). Both works, presented by the Phoenix Quartet in memory of the composers, will showcase the bright melodic and rhythmic richness and vivid folklore structure typical of western Ukraine. Both composers were closely acquainted with Wassyl Slipak, who played an important role in their lives.

The music of the Georgian composer Giya Kancheli offers the listener a unique world in which spirituality plays a significant role. The composer composed the four-part cycle Life Without Christmas between 1990 and 1995. It includes Morning Prayers, Afternoon Prayers, Evening Prayers and Night Prayers. The evening’s programme will feature the last part of the cycle. Kancheli’s art is deeply intimate and private, imbued with nostalgia, for him virtuosity of presentation is not important, but rather the composer’s music requires the ability to “draw” delicate melodies, consonances and diminuendos.



String quartet “Phoenix” :

  • Mykola Haviuk, violin
  • Petro Tityaev, violin
  • Vadym Pedorych, viola
  • Denys Lytvynenko, cello



  • Oleksandr Kozarenko (1963-2023). “Three Inventions for four melodic instruments” (1988)
    Allegro moderato
    Recitativo doloroso
    Allegro qusto
  • Hanna Havrylets (1958-2022). String Quartet No. 4 “Expressions” (2003)
  • Giya Kancheli (1935-2019). “Night Prayers” from the cycle “Life without Christmas” (1995)