Soloists of Orchestra

Friday 12.04.2024 / 19:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall



Throughout its more than one hundred and twenty-year history, the level of the Lviv Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra has been traditionally high, and each orchestra member could perform as a soloist without any reservations. At the same time, the native philharmonic orchestra accompanied him. The creative joint musicianship has survived to this day.

Such concerts are especially anticipated both by the soloists, each of whom is happy to demonstrate their skills in front of the public, and by the audience, who, thanks to these programs, have the opportunity to get to know the orchestra better.

Therefore, the artists of the Lviv National Philharmonic Academic Symphony Orchestra and conductor Serhiy Khorovets invite you to a concert of soloists. Together with the orchestra, they will perform a program that is both refined and extravagant:

The evening will begin with a romantic poem by French composer Camille Saint-Saëns, The Muse and the Poet, a piece in which Oleksandra Moroz and Dmytro Nikolaiev will play solo parts. According to the composer, the idea was to convey “a conversation between two instruments instead of a competition between two virtuosos,” emphasizing the importance of the expressiveness of the violin and cello timbres.

Violist Andrii Savych will continue to represent the orchestra’s string group as a soloist in Béla Bartók’s Viola Concerto, and the evening will conclude with another concert – the Trombone Concerto by Ukrainian Levko Kolodub, with Bohdan Lushch performing the solo.




  • Oleksandra Moroz, violin
  • Andrii Savych, viola
  • Dmytro Nikolaiev, cello
  • Bohdan Lushch, trombone
  • Lviv National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra 
  • Serhii Khorovets, conductor



  • Camille Saint-Saëns. “The Muse and the Poet” for violin and cello, Op. 132 (1910)
  • Bela Bartók. Concerto for viola and orchestra, Op. 120 (1945)
  • Levko Kolodub. Concerto No. 2 for trombone and orchestra (1997)