Autumn Sonnet

Saturday 04.11.2023 / 19:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall Концертний зал Людкевича



Concert of the People’s Artist of Ukraine



Marian Shunevych, soloist of the Lviv National Philharmonic, People’s Artist of Ukraine, has been cherishing Ukrainian songs for decades. His fate and career have repeatedly intertwined with the bands that will perform alongside him on 4 November, presenting well-known melodies that are timeless to Lviv residents.

He was the soloist of the famous Vatra band, devoting 12 years of his life to his creative work with the group. He was friends with the band’s leader, Ihor Bilozir, and he often performed with another group, the 19th Class:

At that time, the band was very popular throughout the USSR. There was even a joke among Lviv residents: “If you plug in an iron in Lviv, it will immediately start broadcasting a Vatra concert.

He believed that songwriting in difficult times was better than any medicine, helping souls tired of illness, accustomed to the dullness and routine, to finally see the surrounding life in all its beauty and uniqueness:

“…in Afghanistan, we gave concerts in hospitals and medical centres. Even a physically healthy person needs to be distracted from time to time, to think about something pleasant, to get a charge of positive emotions in order not to go off the rails. And what can we say about the maimed and seriously wounded guys! For them, even painkillers were no consolation, because they were haunted by one black thought: injury is forever. When we went into the wards of such patients and started singing with our guitar, they lost their faith, even if only for a moment

Participants of the concert:

  • Marian Shunevych
  • Oksana Bilozir
  • Anastasiia Chubinska
  • Modern ballet “Life”
  • Bohdan Stelmakh
  • Instrumental Group “19-class”
  • Ensemble “Vatra 80”

Host: Olha Hoshovska