Symphonic Collection

Концертний зал Людкевича

Sunday 20.08.2023 / 18:00

Концертний зал Людкевича



A unique program of the works of the famous modern Chinese-born American composer Wang Jie and the masters of European romanticism, Richard Strauss and Antonin Dvořák.

Chinese is a language that speaks in metaphors. This is how the title of the work “Flight on the Scaly Backs of Our Mountains” speaks to the listener, inspiring him to look into the immeasurable distance of the mysterious mountains and think about the future. As the author herself says, each of her works is an allegorical journey to the top of the mountain. In the winter time of the journey, concertgoers will be greeted by her colorful and bright symphonic piece “Winter that United Us”.

Meanwhile, 150 years ago, Dvořák’s publisher wrote about his famous “Slavic Dances” – “It is impossible to imagine a work better fitted for an orchestra. Thunder and lightning!…” These short masterpieces from the cycle represent a reinterpretation of dances of Czech origin: it is interesting that one piece out of the two notebooks was written by Dvořák on the topic of Ukrainian duma (Dance No. 2).

The last cycle written by Richard Strauss, an outstanding German artist, will be a wonderful balance of the program. Feelings of acceptance of the unknown, peace and the expectation of death are intertwined in it. Now, more than ever, you can hear how it threatens everywhere, moderating the living with her constant presence.



  • Lviv National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
  • Sofiia Solovii, soprano
  • Theodore Kuchar, conductor


  • Wang Jie. “Flying on the Scaly Backs of Our Mountains”
  • Richard Strauss. “Four Last Songs”
  • Wang Jie. “Winter that United Us”
  • Antonin Dvořák. “Slavic Dances”
    • op. 46 – No. 1 C major
    • op. 72 – No. 2 E minor
    • op. 46 – No. 8 G minor
    • op. 72 – No. 4 D-flat major
    • op. 72 – No. 7 C major