Tango with a Hint of Jazz

Wednesday 22.11.2023 / 19:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall



The fate of the tango is one of the most controversial in the history of music. Tango was called the dance of death, but it is remembered as the dance of love. Perhaps no dance has been as taboo as the tango. Almost every regime that ruled Argentina (the birthplace of tango) tried to ban tango, so it got another name – the night dance, because Argentines were going to dance when the gendarmes were not looking. And most importantly, tango is a street dance that has managed to conquer seemingly inaccessible classical stages.

Musicians know that tango is more than just a dance. It is music that is able to convey not only passion or movement but also much more complex feelings – loss, powerlessness, hope.

The programme of the concert draws parallels between tango and jazz, which also gained worldwide popularity through the thorns of rejection and prohibitions.

This evening, Argentine, Spanish, French, American and Ukrainian music will sound on the stage of the Philharmonic, united by the passionate rhythms of tango and unexpected jazz harmonies.



  • Natalia Granovska, contralto
  • Iryna Stefanko, soprano
  • Marianna Laba, soprano
  • Vasyl Ponaida, tenor
  • Dance theatre “Zhyttia”
  • Marian Lesiuk, accordion
  • Ruslan Kozopas, violin
  • Ivan Dotsenko, keyboard
  • Yurii Prysiazhnyi, guitar
  • Myroslav Veretelnyk, bass guitar
  • Volodymyr Veretelnyk, drums




  • Carlos Gardel. “Por una Cabeza”
  • Astor Piazzolla. “Maria de Buenos Aires”
  • Bohdan Vesolovskyi. “You and Your Black Eyes” after Yaroslav Masliak
  • Myroslav Skoryk. “Draw me the night” after Mykhailo Petrenko
  • Joseph Kosma. “Autumn Leaves” after Jacques Prever
  • Kenny Dorham. “Bluebossa”
  • Carlos Almaran. “Historia de un amor”
  • Gordon Sumner. “El tango de Roxanne”
  • Vicky Leandros. “Tangod’amor”
  • Consuelo Velázquez. “Besamemucho”
  • Drew Klein. “Nei-na-na”
  • Leonardo Cohen – Astor Piazzolla. “Dance me to the End of Love”