Touch of an Angel

Lyudkevych Concert Hall

15.08.2022 / 18:00

Lyudkevych Concert Hall

120 - 250


The IX International Music Festival “Music in Old Lviv”, which will be held from August 15 to 28, will be a pleasant last chord of the Lviv artistic summer.

The main concept of this year’s International Festival “Music in Old Lviv” within the framework of partnership with the “Music in Old Krakow” festival is to present Lviv as a city with a special architectural and historical landscape, monuments of European culture, and stories, traditions, interactive ideas, and creative realities.

The organizer of the festival during these years is the Lviv National Philharmonic, the director – Serhii Burko.

This year, guests can expect six unique events, each of which will demonstrate the multidimensionality, diversity, and uniqueness of the city’s musical culture! These are organ events, concerts of spiritual, ancient music, and well-known and beloved classical compositions in unique performances by well-known groups and soloists.

A storm of feelings, brightness of impressions, pomp, and majesty – each piece of the program will immerse us in the era of magnificent palaces and temples, exquisite royal receptions, and sophisticated musical evenings.


This year’s festival will be opened with the chamber music program “Angel’s Touch” by well-known Ukrainian musicians – violinist Bohdana Pivnenko, pianist Oksana Yaremchuk, and cellist and composer Zoltan Almashi. The performers combined the best works of modern Ukrainian academic music for listeners to demonstrate how diverse and multifaceted it is.

“Touch of the Angel” is a kind of dedication to modern Ukrainian composers. Although their names are known to many, a significant part of their work is not heard often, and it is especially important and necessary to support and appreciate your own right now.



  • Bohdana Pivnenko, violin
  • Oksana Yaremchuk, fortepiano
  • Zoltan Almashi, cello



  • Valentyn Sylvestrov (1937). Dedication to Bach. Songs without words (dedicated to Bohdana Pivnenko)
  • Yurii Shevchenko (1953-2022). Cinderella (dedicated to Bohdana Pivnenko and her students) / posthumous premiere
  • Myroslav Skoryk (1938-2020). Caprice. Elegy
  • Evhen Stankovych (1942). Angel’s touch
  • Zoltan Almashi (1975). Seasons



Mariia Sydorak, moderator

Serhii Burko, art director of the festival