Voices. Muses Are Not Silent

Wednesday 02.11.2022 / 19:00

Концертний зал Людкевича



The premiere of the electroacoustic performance “Voices” based on the poetry of Sophia Lenartovych will be hosted as part of the “Muses Are Not Silent” concert series. Five artists joined in a theatrical experiment to bring poetry to life with the help of electroacoustic music and archaic songs, movement and plasticity. The name of the event goes through the voices of art, which create a complete picture of the action here and now.

In the texts, the author broods on loss, home as a physical place and inner state, and the strengthening of personal boundaries, without which it is impossible to protect state ones. Thus, the individual experience becomes universal because of the language of symbols and metaphors. As a matter of fact, the focus of the study is the Man himself, who learns to build a healthful dialogue with himself and the world after traumatic events. Man is the main character of this story.

In the heavens of the performance, the Creator fills the space with music, where the Spirit of life (song), human Rational (text) and Sensual (movement) interact. Characters pave the way from despair and pain to the birth and affirmation of freedom and love. Viewers witness the story of how Man acquires fullness and returns home, that is, to himself.

The “Voices” art project is dedicated to relatives and loved ones who are no longer with us, and to families who were temporarily or permanently separated by war.



  • Sophia Lenartovych, author of the idea and text
  • Dmytro Naumets, director, coach



  • Vsevolod Sadovyi, Creator of the World
  • Daryna Turina, Spirit of Life, Mother
  • Sophia Lenartovych, Rational
  • Julia Vusach, Sensitive


  • Olha Aboronok, collage’s author
  • Mykyta Kretsu, poster’s design
Elements of costumes from the private collection of ethnoartist Vitaliia Oliinyk



Live broadcast provided by:

Andrij Zelenyj, camera
Mykola Khshanovskyi, live broadcast director
Marian Lesiuk, sound director
Bohdan Sehin, producer



“Ukraine–2022. Muses Are Not Silent” is a concert series in support of Ukrainian musicians during the russian armed aggression. Online concerts will become a platform for the uniting of the Ukrainian music community, as many musicians participating in these concert programs have become internally displaced people and have found shelter in Lviv.

We provide a free opportunity for the whole world to watch concerts on the official YouTube channel of the Lviv National Philharmonic. At the same time, we suggest our listeners from abroad make charitable donations to Ukrainian musicians who have stayed here in Ukraine.

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