Christmas Symphony

Концертний зал Людкевича

22.12.2019 / 18:00

Концертний зал Людкевича


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These melodies and intonations, which we discover at an early age first via listening experience and later via our own voice while singing the kolyada songs; these melodies which have been passed from generation to generation became the inseparable part of the Ukrainian identification. When we hear them something very deep-lying evokes inside us.

That is why “Symphonic Kolyada” from the INSO-Lviv orchestra will definitely wake up in your soul not only the festive spirits, but will gift you the genuine feeling of the joy from the contact with the familiar and old, and at the same time modern.

The idea – to put the melodies of kolyada songs into the full symphony orchestra score creating the symbiosis of the folklore and academic tradition – came to the renowned Ukrainian writer, poet and publisher, holder of the Shevchenko National Award of Ukraine  – Ivan Malkovych, which he addressed to the two Ukrainian Maestros – Myroslav Skoryk and Ivan Nebesnyy.

Ivan Malkovych: “Being an ardent kolyadka and schedrivka singer, I’ve been long dreaming of our post-soviet “New Year” space to be filled with the spirits of the High Ukrainian Christmas. So, that alongside the American Christmas music one can hear the symphonic versions of our incredibly beautiful kolyada songs. I am happy that the two Maestros – Myroslav Skoryk and Ivan Nebesnyy – accepted my idea and created two amazing Christmas symphonies – the one, so to say, more classical with the wide Beethoven-like sounding (at the Beethoven’s time we didn’t have the state of our own, so I dreamt that Maestro Skorykwould try to create it and unite us with the one at least musically), and the other – lighter, more transparent and understandable for the wider audience. And the way it worked out outcame my expectations! The wonderful symphonic formation – “INSO-Lviv” orchestra – is entrusted with the premiere performance.

The composers Myroslav Skoryk and Ivan Nebesnyy created fine symphonic interpretations of the most famous and favouritekolyada songs, each introducing the richness of colours and harmonies into the authentic version due to the genius of the composers. Melodic properties and expression of the Ukrainian oral music tradition is merged with the legacy of the European classical arts which results in the true music symphonic story. The story about the eternal – the story about us, the Ukrainians.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the concert on December 22 which will see the Lviv premiere of these two pieces. Make yourself a gift in this wonderful pre-Christmas time!


  • “INSO-Lviv” Symphony Orchestra
  • Eugen Kruk, сonductor