Contrasts 29. Academy

Thursday 05.10.2023 / 19:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall



Unbelievable harmony and virtuosity of chamber music! On October 5, attend a concert fusing wise experience and fresh youthful energy: the famous Lviv Chamber Orchestra “Academy” under the direction of Ihor Pylatiuk will perform with the soloists of the new generation Stanislav Parashchuk and Pavlo Yanushevskyi, who will present you an unforgettable experience. The program includes only avant-garde works and premieres that leave the audience in awe.

In particular, the performers will play a work by the philharmonic patron Myroslav Skoryk. Arthur Mykytka, the Academy’s director and concertmaster, spoke about the genius musician’s contribution to the fate of the orchestra:

“Myroslav Skoryk played a crucial role in the history of the Lviv Music Academy and our orchestra. 

The orchestra was founded in 1959 – it was the only chamber orchestra in Ukraine at the time, and what is especially valuable is that it was created on the initiative of students and then supported by the professors. At the origins were Oleksandra Derkach, a famous Ukrainian violinist, and Arsenii Kotliarevsky, an outstanding organist who worked at the conservatory… The orchestra immediately became a concert unit. Exactly one year after its foundation, in December 1960, the orchestra gave its first concert of Antonio Vivaldi’s works.

In 1991, the era of Skoryk began, when he became the artistic director of the orchestra. He was very active. He was happy to have a collective and wrote a lot for it, opening a new page in the history of our orchestra. We started playing various transcriptions: his pieces for orchestra, works by Scott Joplin, Dave Brubeck… The orchestra inspired his famous pieces.” 



  • Stanislav Parashchuk, alto saxophone
  • Pavlo Yanushevskyi, piano
  • Lviv Chamber Orchestra “Academy”
  • Ihor Pylatiuk, conductor and artistic director
  • Arthur Mykytka, concertmaster and director



  • Józef Koffler (1896-1944, PL). 15 variations on the 12-tone series op. 9а (1931) first performance
  • Myroslav Skoryk (1038-2020). “Synchronization” for alto saxophone and strings (2020)  
  • Viktor Kaminskyi (1953). “Reflexion nach Beethoven” (2021) world premiere
  • Andrzej Kurylewicz (1932-2007, PL). “Serenata Leopolitana”, op. 30 (1983)
  • Usein Bekirov (1982). Concerto for piano and strings No. 3 (2023), world premiere   

Moderator is Polina Kordovska