Evening of Premieres

Friday 22.09.2023 / 19:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall

150 - 350


One of the most important moments in the life of a piece of music is its premiere. Entrusting its performance is a sign of great affection and respect from the composer. The place where the work will be performed for the first time is also important, and we are proud that hundreds of Ukrainian and world premieres have been performed in the Philharmonic.

“Overtura Romantica Contemporanea” by contemporary Greek composer Michalis Travlos will be performed in Ukraine for the first time, written in the early period of his career, it is a new look at the classical symphonic genre.

The concert will continue with work by the famous Ukrainian composer, winner of the First Myroslav Skoryk All-Ukrainian Composition Competition, Maksym Kolomiiets, commissioned by violinists Marko Komonko and Yan Romanowski. It was written only a month ago!

Maksym Kolomiets tells us about “Four Rivers” for two violins and symphony orchestra: “I called the piece “Four Rivers” and I wanted it to become a metaphor for our present moment. From a melting evening candle, through the flight of a dragon to a ray in your palm.”

Bohdana Frolyak’s “Adagio in Memory of Myroslav Skoryk” was also premiered at the Philharmonic two years ago in the fall. This work opens up new horizons for the significance of Myroslav Skoryk for Ukrainian culture as a teacher and mentor of a whole galaxy of composers.

One of Myroslav Skoryk’s last premieres was Concerto No. 10 for violin and orchestra, dedicated to Marko Komonko. In the fall of 2019, the violinist performed it at the Philharmonic together with the Lviv National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in the presence of Myroslav Skoryk. The Philharmonic cherishes all the memories associated with the Maestro. Four years later, the Concerto will be performed again by the orchestra and Marko Komonko in the hall where the composer’s presence is still felt through the years.



  • Jan Romanowski, violin
  • Marko Komonko, violin
  • Lviv Chamber Choir “Gloria”
  • Lviv National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
  • Volodymyr Syvokhip, conductor, moderator of the concert



  • Michalis Travlos (*1950). “Overtura Romantica Contemporanea” for mixed choir and symphony orchestra (1996)
  • Maksym Kolomiets (*1984). “Four Rivers” for two violins and symphony orchestra (2023)
    • “Four Rivers on a Melting Candle”
    • “Dragons Flight”
    • “…a ray of morning sun in my palm”
  • Bohdana Frolyak (*1968). “Adagio in memory of Myroslav Skoryk” (2021)
  • Myroslav Skoryk (1938-2020). Concerto No. 10 for violin and orchestra (2019)
    • “Speech”
    • “Sadness”
    • “The passage of time”