Concert Hall Lyudkevich

Sunday 26.09.2021 / 18:00

Concert Hall Lyudkevich



“Babyn Yar is a tragedy of all mankind, but it took place in Ukrainian land. That is why a Ukrainian has no right to forget about it, as well as a Jew. Babyn Yar is our common tragedy, before all a tragedy of the Jewish and Ukrainian people. “

Ukrainian figure, poet Ivan Dziuba.

Babyn Yar is a topos of death of many people, among them: Jews, Romani people, Soviet prisoners of war, Ukrainian nationalists. Each of these deaths must be remembered and the dead should be honored. Babyn Yar is first and foremost a polyphonic story that consists of many voices of people who were killed, witnessed and those who survived.

Baruch Berliner in his symphonic poem “GENESIS” allowed these voices to be heard – the voices of the dead and the living beings, he turned them into a single impersonal reader. He bound the most important, eternal episodes of the Bible and music. His text is not sounded by the singing of the choir, but by the reading of the narrator, which brings it closer to the listener, as if this voice speaks from within.

It will be possible to become a part of the voice chain and feel kinship with the whole world thanks to INSO-Lviv orchestra and the constant presenter Volodymyr Beglov, who will act as a reader. A rock version of the symphonic poem “GENESIS” by Israeli scientist, composer Berliner Baruch will be performed in Lviv. The latest technologies of music and video art synthesis will be used in the concert for the first time. Baruch Berliner emphasizes the aspect that a person has been given a choice / a voice from the beginning, and the possibility of choice makes him/her free – thus he/she is able to appreciate good and evil.


  • Baruch Berliner – GENESIS for reader and symphony orchestra. Rock version premiere


  • ShokolaD Group
  • Ronen Nissan (AT-IL) is a conductor
  • Vladimir Beglov, reader
  • Naum Slutsker (IL), producer