Contrasts 29. PULSE-MARATHON / Intermedia

Saturday 07.10.2023 / 19:30

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall



This concert of the festival took on the largest number of world premieres, as well as the vision of presenting the music of the last century in the most comprehensive way possible. It is no coincidence that the subject of the program was a miniature, a symbol of the years when time was too short and information too much, so everything, even meditative calm, needed a new format. 

The search for a right musical expression has become a point of intersection for composers from different parts of the world. Even the titles of their works reflect the transience of the present, its breakthroughs, overcoming of boundaries, fragility, and cyclicality. These short and emotionally different pieces are like interludes in fugues: they will connect, or vice versa, divide, complement, and negate each other’s views, engage you in an internal dialog and search for an answer to the question: how to find your own in this diversity? 

Everyone will find their own answer in this music, guided by the soloists of the festival: Nataliia Kozhushko-Maksymiv, Yevhen Kruk, Ustym Zhuk, Bohdan Kozhushko, and Myroslava Dragan.


  • Nataliia Kozhushko-Maksymiv, flute
  • Yevhen Kruk, violin
  • Ustym Zhuk, viola
  • Bohdan Kozhushko, accordion
  • Myroslav Dragan, piano



  • Anastasiya Lozova (1981) “Pastoral” for solo violin
  • Luciano Berio (1925-2003, IT) “Sequenza I” for solo flute (1958)
  • Man-Ching Donald Yu (1980, CN) “Circle of Life” for viola and piano (2022) world premiere
  • Gorka Hermosa (1976, ES) “Fragilissimo” (2000) for accordion solo
  • Ostap Manuliak (1983) Transgression 6 for flute, accordion, piano and fixed recording (2023) world premiere
  • Man-Ching Donald Yu. “Breakthrough” for flute and accordion (2021) world premiere
  • Bohdan Sehin (1976) “Postludium” for piano (2000)


Moderator is Mariia Sydorak