On the trail of 2022: Ukrainian Muses Are Not Silent


From March 18 – to December 27: this is the path during which 62 concerts of classical music from the series “Ukraine-2022. Muses Are Not Silent.” were held. The performances happened live at the Myroslav Skoryk Lviv National Philharmonic and were broadcast on its YouTube channel.

During this time, Ukrainian Muses:

Three full-scale festivals were held:

  • 10 days, 11 events, participants from four European countries, world premieres and more than half a hundred compositions – this is how the 41st International Festival of Musical Art “Virtuosos” took place in the Myroslav Skoryk Lviv National Philharmonic on May 20-29
  • 5 festival days and 6 concerts, internationally recognized artists and premieres of works of the 8th century for the Ukrainian public – this is what made the 19th International Festival of Early Music with the subtitle “On the Edge of Time” unforgettable (August 9-14)
  • 10 days, 9 performances, collectives from Kyiv and Odesa, outstanding performers from abroad – that’s how one of the oldest and largest Ukrainian forums of contemporary art, 28 “Contrasts” (from October 1 to 10), took place.


Little-known Ukrainian music was promoted among a wide audience: the works by Myroslav Skoryk, Euvhen Stankovych and Denys Lytvynenko, benefit performance by Oleh Krysa, in memorial to Hanna Havrylets — find out more on our channel.


Conducted special cross-art events: musical-literary “Between Sirens”, electroacoustical theatrical performance “Voices”, performance-preview of art exhibition.


In the end, one of the iconic performances for Muses was a music residency, symposium and workshop in Cologne (Germany): the result of international cooperation will have an impact on the future of the XX Lviv Early Music Festival.


Lviv Philharmonic YouTube gained 4000 subscribers 


Created a community of our followers on Facebook and Telegram-channel



Created our Patreon, where listeners from abroad can donate for Ukrainian artists in war:
Lviv National Philharmonic - On the trail of 2022: Ukrainian Muses Are Not Silent


Where the whole world leaves off, the music stays in. Music speaks up for our beliefs, the freedom and beauty of the priceless masterpieces we are able to perform in dark, cold halls. It waits to shine between sirens and bomb shelling. It’s truthful and healing.

The greatest thing we’ve learned about music in 2022, is – it will never stop. We won’t let it, and we won’t be silent.
Stay with Ukraine. Stand with Ukrainian musicians. The truth is on our side!



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