“Muses Are Not Silent” Project in the German magazine “Positionen”


In the 132nd issue of the German periodical “Positionen” the article “Lviv musical life in the wartime” by Ukrainian musicologist Dzvenyslava Safian was published. In the article, attention is paid to the project of the Lviv Philharmonic, “Ukraine-2022. Muses Are Not Silent”.

As the article says, Lviv is considered one of the most proactive Ukrainian cities, where state and private cultural institutions are functioning successfully. The Philharmonic and the Opera House, as well as the numerous musical platforms and formations, have become today’s cultural frontier. The city, located in the western part of Ukraine, plays an important role both as a huge volunteer hub, helpful to millions of temporarily displaced persons and refugees, and appears to be an unshakable art fortress. It was Lviv showed an example of survival for the magnificent ancient sculptures and monuments by covering them and hiding them from missile bombings…


…Launched on March 23 as an online live-streaming project on the YouTube channel, “Muses Are Not Silent” has proved to the world that musicians are also fighting and doing their best to make the world aware of our achievements and challenges. About thirty participants of the chamber events for the first project month were able to continue their existence in the profession.”

Viktor Rekalo, Olha Shadrina-Lychak, Dmytro Pashinskyi, and Zoltan Almashi commented to the journalist on this project. Gradually, with each new day and concert, musicians wanted to create more and more in their profession. Therefore, Viktor Rekalo noted the special artistic mission: “We are also soldiers in this war. This is such a common phrase, but thanks to such a project “Muses Are Not Silent” and its format, you define yourself as an artist and as a human. That’s why, even playing at live streams, somehow you feel that people really need it. One can disagree with that, but it’s a very necessary thing. The soul must remain alive. We volunteer, or we donate to the army; all these things are tangible. And such projects are not intangible things, which we have been through all our lives as musicians.”.

Lviv National Philharmonic - "Muses Are Not Silent" Project in the German magazine "Positionen"


The publication contains mentions of such concerts of the series as “In Memoriam Hanna Havrylets”, “Sad Drymba’s Sounds”, 41st International Festival of Musical Art “Virtuosos”.

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