Violina Petrychenko on the performance of Ukrainian music during the tour of the Lviv National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra


The pianist spoke about her performances in Poland and Germany.

“I’m very happy about this concert tour, especially our last concert in Warsaw – it’s a great pleasure to play a program of such magical music by Barvinskyi, Kolessa, Liatoshynskyi, and Dvorak. In addition, this is also a very important mission, because we are performing this music even in Warsaw for the first time. Realizing this, you play with a different feeling, with a different commitment.”

The soloist is preparing for the presentation of Viktor Kosenko’s piano concerto, which is rarely performed. As in the case of Barvinskyi’s music, Petrychenko notes, “The work has a special history: the notes of the second and third movements were lost, and the work was completed by Levko Revutskyi, so mostly only the first movement of the concerto is performed. I will be performing the three movements together with the Lviv National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, and it will be a surprise where the performance will take place, which we will reveal later.”



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