Autumn with Ukrainian Song

Saturday 03.11.2018 / 18:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall


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Song is the soul of the people. The Ukrainian song is just as sincere as the soul of our people is. It is full of tender melodic and love to our Land. Take a glimpse into the mirror of the Ukrainian soul. Take pleasure in folk and composed Ukrainian songs. Wonderful  performance will be delivered by famous Lviv singers including Maryan Shunevych, Bohdan Pisnyi, Olha Shcherbakova, Nazar Yatszyshyn, Anastasiya and Mykola Kornutyak, Anastasiya Chubyns’ka, the “Lvivyanky” bandura trio, the bands “19 klas” and “The 80’s Varta”. Oleh Kulchytsky and the “Vysoky Zamok” Academic Instrumental Ensemble conducted by Andriy Yatskiv will perform incredible and fiery instrumental compositions.