Anniversary of Victor Kaminskyi

14.09.2023 / 19:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall



“You can teach choosing the tonality, harmony, timbre,
but only the seal of God can give a sense of melody”

Victor Kaminskyi


This year, Ukrainian composer Victor Kaminskyi from Lviv celebrates his 70th anniversary. Extremely diverse in his creativity, from songs that became favorite hits to large-scale symphonic canvases. His music is an organic blend of nationally oriented folk intonation with modern harmonies and timbral effects.

The symbolic beginning of the program will be the Concert “In Memory of Vasyl Barvinskyi” for piano and orchestra. Barvinskyi’s tragic fate and great talent continue to nurture courage, devotion to his country and indomitability. For Victor Kaminskyi, also a native of Ternopil Oblast, Barvinsky became one of the milestones on his creative path.

“Leopolis Concerto Grosso” by Victor Kaminskyi is often called a confession of love for the city, this music has absorbed the soundscapes of Lviv in the best possible way: the sound of the organ of majestic churches, sudden changes in dynamics and moods are combined in the music, as well as the contrasting colors of the history of Leopolis itself. In the “Leopolis Concerto Grosso” Victor Kaminskyi used two themes of an unknown author from the 16th-century tabulature, which was deciphered by Myroslav Skoryk, thus honoring the memory of a long-time colleague.

The end of the concert encourages carrying with it thoughts about the fate of the artist, the search for sounds and melodies that would pave the shortest path to the human soul – “Der Wanderer und sein Schatten” / “The Wanderer and his Shadow”.


  • Sofiia Solovii, soprano
  • Oksana Rapita, piano
  • Olena Matseliukh, organ
  • Kateryna Shalaiska, violin
  • “Virtuosos of Lviv” Academic Chamber Orchestra
  • Taras Verhun, conductor


Victor Kaminskyi.

  • Concert “In Memory of Vasyl Barvinskyi” for piano and chamber orchestra
  • “Leopolis Concerto Grosso”
  • “Superharmony in the Rhythms of the Ocean” for violin and chamber orchestra
  • Diptych “With Julie d’Aspermont” for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra on poems by Lidiia Melnyk
    1. Nocturne.
    2. The last letter.
  • “Der Wanderer und sein Schatten”/ “The Wanderer and his Shadow”