Virtuosos 42. Astor, the Tango Legend

Saturday 27.05.2023 / 17:00

Концертний зал Людкевича



Sharp dissonances, complex harmonies and jazz elements – all in a whirl of dance flames! The dance which Astor Piazzolla managed to raise highly among the weighty bricks of music classics. Once a street dance of the lower social strata, today it is a keen symbol, the essence of the very rhythmic movement, seduction with meaningful pauses and slow music phrases. 

This time, the history of the tango will be taught by musicians with passionate hearts and expertise, based on Piazzolla’s own carefully compiled book. It contains everything: oblivion, freedom, mystery, and – how else? – an unforgettable musical view of all these manifestations of life from an artist who has already become a Legend.



  • Nazarii Pylatiuk, violin (soloist of the National House of Music)
  • Anton Sopiha, guitar
  • Pavlo Hilchenko, accordion
  • Petro Dovhan, piano
  • Academy Lviv Chamber Orchestra (director and concertmaster – Arthur Mykytka)
  • Vasyl Kriachok, conductor


  • Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992). 
    • “Seasons in Buenos Aires”. “Spring” (1965-1970)
    • “Cafe 1930” from the suite “History of Tango” (1985)
    • “Marron & Azul”
    • “Seasons in Buenos Aires”. “Summer”
    • “Street Tango”
    • “Fuga Misterio” 
    • “The seasons in Buenos Aires”. “Autumn”
    • “Medi Tango”
    • “Oblivion”
    • “The seasons in Buenos Aires”. “Winter”
    • “Adios Nonino”
    • “Liber Tango”


Moderator: Mariia Sydorak