Concerti di flauti

Концертний зал Людкевича

Sunday 13.06.2021 / 20:00

Концертний зал Людкевича



Quartet “DUDALIS “- group of young virtuoso performers who have dedicated their talents to a Ukrainian chromatic recorder. The sound of the instrument is transcendent, connects the listener with the archaic layers of the human cultural memory, transports to distant ages, and grants true enjoyment. The Consort’s repertoire includes the music of the XVII – XVIII centuries, as well as hits of modern music.


  • DUDALIS Quartet
  • Anna Ivanyushenko, harpsichord
  • Andriy Kushnir, violin
  • Olesya Masnyk, violin
  • Vadym Pedorych, alto
  • Yaroslav Myhal, cello
  • Oleg Naumchuk, double bass



  • J. S. Bach. Brandenburg concerto №6 B-dur, BWV 1051 (Allegro – Adagio ma non tanto – Allegro)
  • Ph. Telemann. «Tafelmusik» for 4 recorders and b.c., TWV43:D1 (Andante – Vivace – Largo – Allegro)
  • Marcello. Concerto for recorders G-dur (Andante – Allegro – Presto)
  • S. Bach. Harpsichord concerto f-moll, BWV 1056 (Largo)
  • D. Heinichen. Concerto for 4 recorders and orchestra C-dur (Allegro – Pastoral – Adagio – Allegro assai)